Our solutions

Focused on cost reduction and shorter lead times

Access to premium brands

We are official distributors of premium brands, which allow us to preferential and wholesale prices order as well as shorter lead times. We supply quality and guaranteed products that will exceed the industry standards within the certifications and regulations required.

Tactical Sourcing

We can support our customers with strategic sourcing and/or spot buying. We can help you determine which option is the best for your company, project or operation. Our commitment is to deliver supplies in a timely manner.

Quality inspections

In partnership with recognized inspection companies, we control all the manufacturing, import and shipping processes, to ensure the compliance with the agreed quality standards.

Third Party vendor contract management

We will assign a dedicated buyer to support your project or operations needs.

Supplier certification

We evaluate suppliers according to the certification criteria required by each client.

Procurement follow-up and after-sales service

We activate and follow up on purchases to meet the agreed deadlines. We guarantee and provide after-sales service.

Advantages of choosing our services

  • We offer financing.
  • Better prices due to our purchasing volumes.
  • We can easily integrate into your logistics and supply chain. We have a vast experience on production operations, construction and engineering companies.
  • Market knowledge and various sources of supply alternatives.
  • Experience with remote operations. As such, we understand the critical role of the supply chain.